Global Wellness Day

“One day can change your whole life”

What a great cause to have a day dedicated to Wellness! 

Global Wellness day is a day to consider your life…your state of health, your stress levels, your lifestyle.

Celebrated in 73 different countries, people around the world are asking themselves the question “How can I live a healthier and better life?”

If everyone on the planet stopped to think for one day about the impact that their lifestyle is having on themselves, and the people they share their lives with, and the earth that we live on…if they really, truly considered whether their choices were beneficial or just conditioned habits – do you think it would make a difference?

Yes, it would! 

So many people in the world are on a hamster wheel and no idea how they got there and no idea how to get off!

There’s a danger it’s become almost fashionable and competitive to be busy and stressed and not have time to eat and sleep!

Let’s ALL stop and think!

Ask yourself…ask the people you live with…the people you work with…’Do you feel good, do you love/like your life, are you happy?

Global Wellness Day is a wonderful opportunity to unite with other people for the purpose of raising awareness of the most important thing in our lives – our health and wellbeing.

Let’s share this movement and help motivate everyone towards dedicating more time to our individual wellness needs…lets set an example to our children, and our grandchildren to show them that it’s admirable to care about our health and to create a rewarding and peaceful life.

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