I can’t teach you the physical aspects of yoga from a website, there are many good books and DVD’s that do an excellent job of that and I would encourage you to go to many yoga classes and find the type of teacher that resonates with you. If you don’t like yoga the first time you try it, don’t give up, there many different ways to teach yoga and it’s unlikely you will like all of them.


The postures where body positions that facilitated meditation, in other words if we put the body in a certain position, it allows the bodies energy to run smoothly, – clearing out blockages along our meridian pathways, allowing us to feel energised and heal many bodily aliments. Also to tap into our highest visions, our inspirational thoughts….. our powerful, peaceful creative self.

I studied and worked on Yoga philosophy long before I did the physical postures or ‘asanas’ as they are called. I had previously found peace and clarity through meditation and practising positive mindset but was delighted to find similar results through a bit of gentle contortion with the postures !!

Physical Yoga for me brings a sense of wellbeing – it’s energising and liberating at the same time as bringing sensations of peace and stillness.

Add the philosophy to it the physical and it becomes an incredibly enlightened way of life – a way of responding, behaving and being that becomes with practise, your default pattern.

Take a look below for more of my videos on breathing, posture and massaging your feet.