My top 5 fundamental tips for keeping young

It’s one thing feeling young, and another looking young – the two usually go hand in hand, although it’s not always the case…
It’s easier to stay young if you are health – good health usually means having energy and feeling vital, and if you do have that you have more choices and the world is potentially an adventure playground.
So where do we focus our attention to defy gravity and the ravages of the years…


Good nutrients ‘in’, means a good output and performance, protects our genes, vital organs and keeps our skin in prime condition, which will affect our appearance.


Good hydration allows for good communication within the body – water is a good conductor of electrical nervous impulses, not enough and your cells will become wizened and slow to function.


Breathing for health and vitality as oppose to just staying alive! Conscious deep breathing not only drenches the body in life-giving oxygen but profoundly affects the mind and stress levels…we know stress is ageing.


Keeps important ‘feel good’ and growth hormones coursing through your veins and aids your circulation to be effective at delivering good nutrients around the body and for the all important job of removing toxins that need to be expelled by the body.


Sleep produces growth hormones and chemical that restore, repair and rejuvenate the body.

More on these aspects in other blogs.

Attitude is the other key to staying young, and the effects of your attitude have tendrils that reach into the expressions on your face, the light in your eyes, your posture, the gait of your walk, the lilt in your voice as well as the actions you take – some people are old when they are young.

What keeps your attitude young…being appreciative of life, living in the moment – the book ‘The Power of Now’ by Eckart Tolle is a life changing book to help shift your mind into the appreciation of the present moment.

Having a sense of wonderment at life keeps us excited and expectant – if we take things for granted we become stale and dull, nothing excites or inspires us.
As Wayne Dwyer said, “Sell your Cleverness and Buy Bewilderment”.
Having a childlike (not childish) enthusiasm, which is fun loving and authentic – allowing yourself to be yourself, not corrupted or manipulated by the conditions of our society, keeps us eager and fresh for life.
Appreciation for all life’s experiences is the greatest habit to foster. If you appreciate the ‘good’ things that happen in life and appreciate the ‘bad’ things that happen – knowing that there is an opportunity for growth wrapped up in the ‘bad’, then we can appreciate it’s all ‘good’.

Stress is a black hole for your energy and vitality to disappear into – you can’t ‘appreciate’ and be ‘fearful’ at the same time – it just can’t happen, the two can’t exist together. So practise appreciation!
They say ‘Youth is wasted on the Young’ – we have an opportunity to extend our youthfulness and playfulness for as long as we have the mindset to do so…

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